Eric's Tech TipsUncategorized February 9, 2020

Eric’s Tech Tips – March 2020

  1. Right-click: try right-clicking on things when using your computer you get lots of additional commands and/or choices! You can do so on web browsers, Office documents, file explorer – there’s more there!  For Mac users: do control-click or command-click
  2. Maximize your windows, especially on internet browsers   So many users are not taking advantage of full-screen display, and sometimes you end up unable to see crucial menu options!
  3. Rebooting fixes a surprisingly large number of computer problems If you regularly set your computer to “Sleep” or “Hibernate”, or you just shut the lid on your laptop, make sure to do a full restart from time to time, especially if things don’t look or act right!
  4. When sharing a YouTube video, use the ‘Start at’ checkbox to specify a specific time point in the video if you just want to focus on one thing.
  5. In Google Contacts, use the “Duplicates” function to merge extra entries Google will combine all contact info for each duplicate into one contact, leaving you with a much cleaner list!