A BETTER Way to Relocate

Moving to or from Northern California?

Our Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Reliance Partners Relocation team is dedicated to making your move as seamless as possible. Serving the Bay Area and Sacramento regions, we have a team of relocation specialists ready to assist you and your family every step along the way.

Our relocation specialists offer a wealth of knowledge of the local housing market, neighborhood personalities, schools and more to help you find the perfect match.  All of our specialists are screened and selected for their relocation expertise and commitment to client satisfaction.

At Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Reliance Partners, we know the market. Our mission is your satisfaction.  Contact us today to experience how moving with us is better.


Community and Market Videos

What makes an area stand out? Let us show you!  We offer local community and market videos for over 60 diverse communities that we serve in Northern California from the Sacramento region to the East Bay.

Watch our Community Videos to learn helpful insights into each community's key demographics and lifestyle factors such as median work commute times, seasonal weather expectations, ratings of local schools and community safety score, as well as nearby shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Corporate Relocation

Allow us to make your employees’ relocation a seamless experience. Though we have moved many companies in and out of Northern California, each one is unique and therefore a move with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Reliance Partners is always tailored to your employees and their specific needs.

Contact us today and see how moving with us is simply better.