How We Can Help You Buy a Home

Whether it’s your first home or if you’re an experienced buyer, purchasing a home is a complex process. By working with us, you’ll find a home in the neighborhood where you want to live, one that fits your budget and meets your goals for features, quality and value. Once you’ve found the home that’s right for you, we will guide you through the process of making an offer; negotiating the terms of the sale; getting your potential purchase inspected, repaired and appraised; and closing the sale.

When you work with us, you will:

• Be more likely to find the home that meets all your criteria

• Understand all the terms, processes and documents used when buying your home

• Have up-to-date market information that will allow you to make informed decisions

• Have a skilled negotiator working on your behalf, one who is committed to looking after your best interests

• Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that all the details of your purchase are being taken care of by an experienced and knowledgeable professional

• Lessen the amount of time it will take to find your home


Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

For many first-time home buyers, buying a new home may result in a dream come true.  As a first-time home buyer, you probably have numerous questions and concerns. This is completely normal! While each first-time home buyer has a unique experience, there are some steps that are commonly used during most home buying experiences.

Let a Better Homes and Gardens Reliance Partners agent help you through the five steps of buying your first home:

• Step One - Budgeting

• Step Two - Down Payment

• Step Three - Credit History

• Step Four - Financing 

• Step Five - Wish List

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Connect With a Local Realtor

Buying a home is a complex transaction. You should partner with an agent that will help guide you through the process of buying your home and assist you in managing the many steps involved from contract to closing. Let us connect you with a local Better Homes and Gardens Reliance Partners real estate professional to assist you in this important journey.


Choosing a Community That's Right for You

Did you know that one-in-five (20%) homeowners have moved or would like to move because their community doesn’t fit their lifestyle? Buying a house isn’t just about the home you choose, it’s also about the community in which it is located. Considerations such as quality of schools, commuting distance, access to entertainment or health and safety services are just a few of the things to keep in mind as you begin your search.

To learn more about the more than 60 communities that Reliance Partners serves in Northern California from the Sacramento Region to the East Bay Area, click on the Community Videos link below.

Source: 2011 survey by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC in collaboration with leading media and marketing company Meredith Corporation.



Finding a Home That Fits Your Lifestyle

Searching for the perfect home? Browse our homes to find the perfect one that fits your lifestyle needs. Whether you are looking for a luxury home, or a home in an up-and-coming city, BHG Reliance Partners can help.


Let a Reliance Partners Agent Help You

Once you finally find a house to call home, it's time to make an offer. Many times, the right offer isn't necessarily the listing price. By enlisting a Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate agent, we can help you evaluate before you make a decision. Those factors include how long the home has been on the market, the price history of the home, the motivation of the seller, comparable homes in the area, and more. Let us help you make an informed decision.



Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Reliance Partners has more than 350 agents and 7 offices in the East Bay Area and Greater Sacramento region. Our agents are relationship-based professionals who are among the most respected and trusted in their communities. They offer you the service and market experience you would expect from a brand whose legacy was built upon a passion for the home. Contact your local Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Reliance Partners office today to find an agent.